Frequently Asked Questions

What is NxtGen Law?

NxtGen Law is an online-only collection website focused on creating simple solutions to collect debts, including support, property settlement, and civil judgments. With a few simple clicks, you engage a strategic team devoted to investigation and finding solutions to getting you paid.

How does this work?

Through a combination of private collection strategies, experience, and court intervention, your strategic collection team devotes specific attention to the intricacies of your particular case. Your strategic team combs through private and public information sources, engage private investigators and is not held back by government red tape.  NxtGen Law does not wait for information to appear, or the debtor to disclose their finances, we proactively obtain the information.

One size does not fit all. Every case is unique and requires the development of a strategic plan to ensure success. Our innovative and proven solutions are designed to maximize our efficiencies, resulting in debts collected.

How much does it cost?

NxtGen Law uses investigation, proven collection, and negotiation techniques, and legal process to get you paid. Once you sign up, your strategic TEAM is assigned and gets working on investigating potential assets to get you paid. The information on your debt is uploaded to your account, and as progress is made, you can track the progress of your strategic TEAM. Pay nothing out of pocket – our fees are a % of your recovery. Because we are an online business, we can offer a lower 28% fee on all other money collected.

When will I get paid?

Each time money is collected from the debtor, you will receive your payment within approximately 5 business days.

How can I reach NxtGen Law?